NOVA DEFENSIO helps public and private companies and organizations to protect themselves and their clients from internal and external threats and provides successful law enforcement solutions


NOVA DEFENSIO is the cutting-edge line of security and law enforcement products and solutions by ROBTECH, Italian company established in 2017 to gather together technologies and expertise developed in almost 20 years of activities in the international market serving leading companies and governmental agencies


We provide dedicated tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in order to dramatically improve their performances, so that they can promptly react to the increasing demand for safety and security



The Ultimate Solution for Day and Night
Audio Video Transmission and Recording

NOVA DEFENSIO BODYCAM is your ‘EYE’ in the field.
GPS localization, local recording of audio and video for proof of evidence, WiFi and 4G live transmission of audio and video to the Command and Control Centre for situation awareness are just few of the many functions available. Suitable for harsh environment and any type of mission.
BODYCAM connects directly to the powerful R-C4ISR, the NOVA DEFENSIO break-through Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence and Reconnaissance system software

Instant, Intelligent Drones Detection

Solutions for Airports, Prisons, Stadium, Maritime vessels

NOVA DEFENSIO DRONES DETECTION fixed and bodyworn solutions provide early warning of incoming drones from up to 1.5 kilometers away. Guards and control rooms receive these messages instantly, before taking evasive action. Controllers and security guards receive drone attack warnings immediately.

DRONES DETECTION solutions connect to the powerful R-C4ISR, the NOVA DEFENSIO break-through Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence and Reconnaissance system software


Powered By Zonith A/S


Powered By Zonith A/S

Safeguarding staff and visitors with the Bluetooth Panic Alarm and Positioning Badge

With the NOVA DEFENSIO Bluetooth ID Badge the Organizations will know the position of their employees, visitors or lone-workers in case of an emergency.
One short press of the panic button  strategically located on the back of the badge, will raise an alarm that will automatically be sent to colleagues, security or other rescue teams for quick assistance with exact information about the cause and location of the event.
The design allows any standard ID Card to be placed inside the Bluetooth ID Badge holder.
The Bluetooth ID Badge connects to the powerful R-C4ISR, the NOVA DEFENSIO break-through Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence and Reconnaissance system software

Undercover Surveillance System for Deep Covert Operations

Unique, wireless communication system for covert applications such as counter-terror, VIP and diplomatic protection, surveillance. Its design allows users to conduct safe, efficient and secure communication in all weather conditions.

Based on innovative technology, COVERTCOMM is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing  a reliable and continued communication hands-free while on foot



Smart Displaying Alarm Solutions

NOVA DEFENSIO MASS NOTIFICATION CLIENT provides critical and mass notification in case of emergency, fire, or other hostile situations. Used in office enviroment and running in background, instantly shows alarms via pop-up box, preventing people from working until Closed


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NOVA DEFENSIO ANDROID NOTIFICATION CLIENT allows alarm handling from any Android smartphone. Among its function it comes with alarm and work task call pop-up pages, list of alarms / work tasks, different sounds for subsequent alarms allowing the user to know that a new alarm has arrived while checking the first alarm, Lone-Worker protection function, support for Bluethoot and GPS positioning, WiFi and 2G/3G/4G


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Innovative solutions for ANPR Based Law Enforcement

NOVA DEFENSIO ANPR CAMERAS provide state of the art solutions for a variety of fields and applications: from ANPR Mobile for Police Enforcement to Free Flow and Tolling, form Limited Traffic Zones, to Speed, Red Light and Bus Lane Enforcement, Parking and Access Control

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